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15 Jan 2021
Shared bicycles in Bangalore.
01 Apr 2020
The Corona Weekend… March 28-29, 2020 – Bengaluru, India. I had been working from home for the last two-plus weeks because of the nation-wide lockdown in India. All employees were recommended to work from home until further notice. With the work from home routine, I saved three hours of travel time every day. But, the...
22 Mar 2020
Several scenarios that we observe on human behaviour in the wake of Covid-19 outbreak reminds me of a dialogue from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Your professor was right,” Klaatu says. “At the precipice, we change.” — The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Or in other words, human beings (WE) change only at...
31 Oct 2019
Have never noticed cannibalism in dragonflies. But today I saw one. Then a search on Google confirmed it. I was standing outside my home. The weird sound of two dragonflies flying around caught my attention. Initially I thought it was a mating dance. But then the duo sat on a banana leaf. I saw the...
13 Oct 2019
Every moment has a story. This video is from 2017, recorded on a Lenovo K4 Note with a clip-on macro lens attached to it. In 2015, my dad had a stroke and from then on the frequency of my travel to Kerala increased. The few days I stayed there, I preferred to be at home...
15 Sep 2019
If you are living in a city, one of the best things you can do for the birds is to set up a bird bath. During summer, the temperature goes up and that affects birds. Read about bird bath on Wikipedia. We moved to Bangalore in 2009. We are staying in a small apartment. For...
01 Sep 2019
I did my post-graduate studies living in a university campus. I still consider those days as the golden days of my life. The campus was large, beautiful, and full of greenery. The campus also had a large botanical garden, so many plants that attracted butterflies in large numbers, a “beauty spot” to enjoy the sunset,...
08 Aug 2019
A series of pictures from the Road… 2. Bangalore — Koramangala, Jakkasandra, Waste Management…
13 Jul 2019
A series of pictures from the road. 1. Bangalore – Koramangala. Cycles left by the cycle sharing company.
15 Feb 2018
Afterlife - Pic 1
Some leave behind their beauty,  some their good deeds, and some others their love, while moving to their afterlife.